PHP Developer

  • 学历要求:大专
  • 薪资待遇:面议
  • 工作性质:兼职
  • 工作经验:1-3年
  • 招聘人数:1

1. Job Responsibilities

1) Use php to independently develop website projects and optimize website programs;

2) Responsible for solving technical difficulties and other problems in the development process, and writing website development documents;

3) Responsible for the optimization of the Linux server and ensure the normal access of the server website.

4) Can independently complete the front-end and back-end development of the website.

2. Job Requirements

1) Proficient in PHP+MYSQL programming, familiar with at least one development framework such as ThinkPHP, familiar with Javascript/Ajax and sql writing;

2) Familiar with MYSQL index optimization, query optimization and storage optimization experience;

3) Familiar with WeChat applet development, WeChat interface development, and DingTalk interface docking;

4) Familiar with the development of single-page applications such as Vue;

5) Developers who can perform mobile multi-terminal under the uni-app framework are preferred;